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Application properties:

DESCRIPTION: DEX-B101X90 is a unique cashew phenol modified phenolic amine curing agent, which is diluted by xylene to 90% solid content. The unique structure gives the curing agent and its derived coatings unique properties. The curing agent has the advantage of fast curing, especially suitable for use at low temperatures, and has good moisture resistance performance in the curing process, making it ideal for marine and industrial coatings.

APPLICATIONS: DEX-B101X90 is suitable for medium and high solid contents coatings, like marine coatings with less requirements of surface treatments, industrial maintenance coatings and protective coatings. It can be even used on wet and poorly treated substrate surfaces in cold and wet conditions. Due to fast curing and high hardness, the product is quite suitable for the fields with short construction period. Its wide curing temperature range and loose blending ratio expands the application range for coatings.

STABILITY AND STORAGE: PAA curing agent will absorb moisture and carbon dioxide when stored in open containers, which may result in increased viscosity, discoloration and reduction of reactivity. These products should be kept tightly sealed in their original containers when not in use, and stored in a cool, dry place.