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- Good adhesion and infiltration ability for substrate (such as steel and concrete), it can be painted on wet and rusty surface.
- Good compatibility with various resins.
- Wide mixing ratio range in use.
- Fast normal temperature drying speed, can be used in four seasons.
- Excellent water resistance, solvent resistance, salt spray resistance.
- Good moisture resistance in curing process.

DESCRIPTION: DEX-B206 is a 65% solids, low viscosity, molded cashew phenol modified
phenol amine hardener for epoxy coatings. it cures quickly, even at low temperatures,
and has good adhesion to difficult-to-adhere substrates, such as inorganic zinc primers
and degreased galvanized steel. the film forming quality using this hardener is very
good, and there is no whitening even at low temperatures and high humidity.

APPLICATIONS: DEX-B206 is suitable for fast curing medium and high solids surface tolerant marine,
industrial, and protective coatings. This product’s fast cure and good hardness make
it ideal for applications requiring fast return to service or multiple coats over a short period
of time. It can be used for coating applications under cold and humid conditions, even
over damp and poorly prepared surfaces. Good flexibility and adhesion on various
metal/primed substrates make this curing agent especially suitable for primers of marine,
transportation, and general industrial equipment. Its ability to cure quickly over a wide
temperature range, including below 0°C, combined with a good pot life at room
temperature brings coatings based on this curing agent broad application latitude and
good workability.

STABILITY AND STORAGE: PAA curing agent will absorb moisture and carbon dioxide when stored in open containers, which may result in increased viscosity, discoloration and reduction of reactivity. These products should be kept tightly sealed in their original containers when not in use, and stored in a cool, dry place.